The test of great public speakers isn’t in when they have the crowd on their feet or in when they have everyone screaming & applauding (even though that’s what a lot of us crave) but it is in how you effectively manage & navigate the silence or even the mood of the hall & in how you discern that your content is so weighty & reflective that there need to be utter silence for it to sink.

As a leader, have you ever navigated such a scenario before? If you did successfully without ever doubting yourself or the effectiveness of your speech or speaking style, then you have begun walking the stairs that lead to the doorstep of greatness in public speaking. Reason being that it takes discernment to understand the mood that each words you speak can make happen because great speakers understand that speakers are shepherds & they know that when sheep(s) eat(s) they don’t talk.

If you have successfully navigated such an experience in your past, can you kindly share via comment, just maybe someone would read yours & need that shared experience.
If for you it remains a challenge, reach out to us today and let us talk. You can call us on 08139400370 or 08114422384 or send us a mail at We would be glad to help. Kindly share. A friend of yours might need this help to break his next big glass ceiling.

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