f you can’t confidently and positively answer 95% of the questions below, then it means you are far from where you are supposed to be, it means you are not living your life to its fullest, it means there is more you should be doing or more results you should be getting but you aren’t. It means you could be bigger, better, and even brighter but you are busy pampering what holds you back.
Kindly Take This Test Me

Are you Fearless? Are You Articulate? Are you Authentic? When you Speak, Do you know how to string your words Beautifully & Logically? When you Speak, Can you make your audience see what you are saying? How much can you improvise? When you are called to speak, does your nerve sometimes get the better of you? Do you know how to cope with high pressured moments? Do you struggle with self-doubt? Do you feel shy or belittled when speaking? How impressive are you? How excellent is your persuasion skill? How consistent and sustainable is your confidence? When you make a mistake or forget your lines, how well do you handle such moments?
No one might have ever asked you this set of questions before. Everyone struggles with something, the ones we hide so we can appear perfect and that’s why we are here to help you on this privately.
We are Nigeria’s Finest Communication, Perception, and Public Speaking firm. We are made up of world-class and highly sought-after communication consultants. In the past decade, we have moved men and women in their hundreds from being timid to becoming lions. We are StevenHaastrup Consulting Ltd!
We coach, train, relate, and follow up in the most practicable terms. We don’t just facilitate new knowledge but we work extensively on the psychology of your confidence, the psychology of your impression and persuasion, your vocal intensity, your body language skills, your persuasion skills and so much more.
Join the scores of individuals and organizations that have successfully registered with us and are going to register with us. We customize your synopsis to your exact gap need, after which we assign you a personal coach and then growth begins. Simple!
Reach out to us today and let us talk. You can call us on 08139400370 or 08114422384 or send us a mail at info@stevenhaastrup.com

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