In life’s pursuit (Career or Business), you can’t deliver what you don’t have because before you can “deliver” what you have, you must have arrived at a place of “ownership” and before you can “sustainably deliver” what you have, your ownership must have achieved the “height of mastery” hence sustainable mastery begets excellence – Steven Haastrup

In life generally and in public speaking, you are either a master or a servant. Servants serve while Masters rule – there is no middle ground.

In this fast ever moving climate of excellence or nothing, you cannot afford to be in the middle. You either choose to become a master of excellence or stay a servant to excellence.
From Sales to Leadership to Management to Productivity to Politics to People Management to Entrepreneurship and many more, all these responsibilities require a high dosage of confidence and mastery to stay excellent and if you lack it, you will struggle for income and relevance in this season and the next.

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