Thriving in the Crunch

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Do you still read the papers? Did I really ask that? Sorry for asking because you are reading this so in a way you still saw today’s FrontPage headlines. Homes, families and communities have been plunged into deeper sufferings due to the ever decline of the economy in this change era. Prices have doubled, living have been tougher, electricity supply have worsen, the government have been blaming and now the people rather gather to complain than to deliberate.

With salaries remaining unchanged on jobs that have been recently made vulnerable, what do we do? There is a way that we communicate/associate that affect our lives. There is a way we chart the course and directions of our lives because we continually bring to sight what we say.

So, how can you thrive amidst the crunch?

  1. Gratitude: Humans rarely take time to pause and think. We don’t want to be stuck with past victories, we want to make new victories, break new boundaries and then we can say “I have a right to be obviously grateful”. Gratitude comes from a positive heart. Gratitude shouldn’t come only from a positive eyesight. We can’t keep wanting to be only grateful for what we see. Today, take some time to look backward and be grateful for life, health and the prospect of tomorrow. Haven’t you noticed that our senses don’t want us to be grateful? Selah


  1. Prioritise: We can’t live our lives like the Naira never went bad, like we are still in control of many things. Acknowledge these facts but not the fear. Prioritise your spending, your time, your presence, your investments, your discussions, your opinions, your readings. Prioritise everything. Stay in control. Don’t bump into everything like a ship without a captain, it ends up being disastrous.


  1. Build Positive Relationships: Don’t stay around people who feel cool and justified always complaining and saturating their minds with how things would continually be in the coming days, weeks or months. Do you know why? Because when things begin to change, those with terrible relationships never sees them, not to talk of acknowledge them. We need to be deliberate about those we bring into our lives in this season. Cut away some, bring in some brand new ones. Don’t join the power sapping ones, they look sweet but resist the temptation.


  1. Trust a God: In a world with so many working gods, trust in one. My God is all knowing. He is Almighty. So instead of complaining, he makes me even thrive, gives me brighter ideas in these season and helps me get around the best people. He even gave me this platform to help some of you who are drowning. He owns our lives, so why not let him help you direct your affairs and then trust him not to fail you. Have you prayed this morning?


  1. Let’s Hope Together: We can’t just give up altogether. I know man can be sunk in their environment and their sufferings that they begin to curse their leaders, they begin to point to what will never work in their own perspective and then want to drown others with themselves. Come out from among them and be ye separate, let’s hope together, let’s make our leaders accountable. Let’s work together and not give up on a better nation. We can’t just lose it all together and expect that the nation suffer for the next how many years because regime changed. We can’t just give up on us.


We would never be able to remove the inspiration and rewards of hardwork. For entrepreneurs, smarter thinking is needed, these monies are waiting for us to make them. For workers and leaders in working place, it shouldn’t be business as usual, begin to make yourself indispensable. Read, Reflect, Get Up, Work Hard, Stand Out and Let’s Thrive.

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