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Do you panic at the light of cameras? Does your competence and confidence level drop appearing on TV? What’s your voicing like on radio? Is it assertive, conversational or low? Do you sound like an authority on TV or radio?
With leadership comes great responsibility, the responsibility to pass the same confidence and competence across whenever and wherever the platform.

Our training on TV, Radio and Panel Session Skills is in-depth, relevant and simple. This training would address some of the following subtopics and many more as needed:

1. Diplomacy: Keeping Calm and articulate in Handling TV interviews

2. Body language – Consolidating your content with your body
3. How to prepare for an interview on radio and TV
4. Sounding competent on TV and radio
5. Appearing confident in TV interviews
6. Lighting and Panic – How not to be scared of the virtual crowd
7. Managing your mind on TV and Radio
8. The Psychology of Persuasion – Persuading your virtual audience
9. Leading in the heated moment – Facing and Leading the conversation
10. Expository but not implicating – Sounding persuasive without divulging