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Are you effectively meeting workplace targets? Are you working so hard but time moves so fast? Does it seem your productivity is at the barest minimum even though you put in the highest volume of time? Workshops on time management and productivity may just be your solution. From time management skills to organizational skills, several of our courses and workshops can help you get a handle on organisational tasks, get the right things done, and better manage the stress that comes with execution.

In addition, our session addresses the necessary but badly managed time sucker that lives in most workplaces which are “Meetings”. Part of this courses teaches you How to plan, invite, set an agenda, control the agenda and get tangible results/progress off your meeting. Our training on Productivity and Time management is in-depth and relevant. This training would address some of the following subtopics and many more as needed:

1. Effective Execution: Getting workplace duties done simultaneously (Time
Management Techniques and Execution for Busy Managers.
2. How do I Qualitatively Delegate?: Effective Delegation and Quality Delivery
3. Timeline Management: How to Effectively Manage Deadlines and Produce
Qualitative Results.
4. Mental Health and Career Management: Managing Stress, Generating a Positive
reflection and Career Growth Management.
5. Meeting Guru: How to Plan, Lead, Manage and Get Progress/Results off every
6. Attending a Meeting? How to Actively Listen, Covertly lead and Manage
Meetings to Productive Conclusions.
7. Getting Stuffs Done Consistently: When the Stress-free Basics of Time
Management comes handy.
8. Life, Leadership and Workplace Balance