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When you say what you have to say, how effective are you? Are you easily misunderstood? Do you get them glued from the start? Do you look forward to persuading and winning over people? Do you handle difficult people and ridiculous situations with calm and ease? Great communicators do!

Do you panic before speeches? Do you analyse your audience effectively? How fast can you think on your feet? How well do you handle reading a speech? How great is your opening and closing for your pitch? Well, either you like it or not, communication is one skill that is essential for effective leadership.

This workshop session would address some of the following and many more as needed:

1. Making them Thirsty: How to Create a Sense of Eagerness, Energy and Expectation in the Beginning.

2. Stand Tall: The Psychology of Confidence and Impression: Understanding how confidence works and how to stay on top of your speech no matter the content or audience variation

3. Effective Steps to Giving an Efficient Impromptu Speech
The art of thinking and speaking on your feet

4. How to Make Reading a Speech not Like Reading a Speech
How to own your content and read an engaging speech

5. Planning a Speech: (Writing) Content Structure & Articulation
How to Prepare, and use logic to structure your message articulately

6. Diplomatic Communication and Audience Orientation
Responding diplomatically and still connecting to your audience

7. Taking charge of Conversations
The art of taking charge and staying in charge of conversations

8. The Psychology of Persuasion
The first 30 seconds efficiency and confidence to a great speech

9. Body Language in Speech/Script Delivery
Nonverbal communication and gestures in Public speaking

10. Speakership and Leadership: Speaking with Authenticity and Power