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This change management course will provide an overview of the change process, offer techniques for preparing for change, review the spectrum of reactions to change, suggest methods for addressing negativity and give suggestions for managing uncertainty.

Course Overview
There are few guarantees in the workplace today, but change is one of them. “Just like it’s always been” is quickly becoming a phrase of the past, often replaced by something such as, “We’ve streamlined the process.” And so, kicking, screaming, and complaining, our workforce reluctantly adapts only to find itself being faced with change once again.

Program Objectives
At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:
1. Describe various ways people react to change.
2. Understand adapting to change is not technical but attitudinal.
3. Recognize before people can embrace the way things will be, they must go through a process of grieving and letting go of the way things used to be.
4. Identify strategies for helping others adopt and implement workplace changes. Implement best practices for driving culture shifts.
5. Avoid common organizational transformation pitfalls.