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These are our Package Outlines for our Political Consulting Service with StevenHaastrup Consulting Ltd:


Perception Management

We would be working with the candidate to shaping every messaging (body language, words, script, media, advert design, Radio & TV ads etc.) that directly and indirectly influences the uprising or otherwise of the candidate. We would be using some customized messaging techniques to create, shape, expand and sustain a desired perception from every material that bears the candidates name or party logo from inception to victory.


Our methods are precise, simple and would be well measured to achieve the desired result of creating a new perception that spreads easily through word of mouth among those we aim to influence. Perception management is key to sustainable influence.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management in relation to campaign strategy involves the constructive management of feedbacks (corporate opposition and social media opposition). The management of reputation in the 21st century is beyond a media response to opposition attacks especially in the era of “the internet that never forgives or forgets”.


A poorly managed reputation seeks to control reputation with the use of money and power which is very unsustainable, fickle and expensive.


Our approach for assuring the competent and sustainable management of reputation would be fictionally and factually backed.

Communication Analysis

When we speak as men of influence, how well measured are the analysis of our message? Would our appraisals mainly come for biased party members, family members, friends etc.? How do you measure message dissemination so it can be improved on? How do you make sure what is said isn’t twisted or lost in the word of mouth messaging? How do you ensure message discipline and structure? A smart and well analyzed message has all angles covered and is always out to achieve a goal upon which the effectiveness can be analyzed and also improved.


Our style of analyzing communication can be the edge between candidate A and candidate B and would also be cost effective in the sense of “the next message would always be better, stronger and more penetrating than the last”. Getting an insightful analysis that can be used to improve messaging cannot be understated.

Brand Effectiveness

The candidate is a brand and how effective this brand is would revolve around perception management, reputation management, communication analysis and most importantly brand awareness/consciousness by the candidate.


A properly managed brand becomes the gospel of truth. It argues on its own without the aggression that comes with traditionally trying to influence people in our part of the world.


Your brand effectiveness would be measured, would be flexible, would be channeled resourcefully and would creep into the discourse of people without them knowing it is happening. We have done this for reputable organizations in the past and for a candidate this can be expertly done.

Media Relation and Analysis

Should relating with the media be as it used to be? No! Can it be better than it used to be? It Can! So, what do we need to know? Analyzing the relationship of a candidate with the media is bringing into consciousness the power that the media (offline and online media) wields and using their red meat(s) to our advantage.


Our job here is to discern loopholes, construct real stories, validate them and develop a viral but specific target strategy (online and offline).

Strategic Sampling & Tally

Would you love to have a real time insight into how people are thinking? You would! What of how people are thinking and how your influence is being absorbed even in your opposition’s stronghold? Sure anyone would love that! This service will make us poll and sample opinions and facts using expert software’s and also getting on ground information in any locality.


With these kind of service, you wouldn’t be having assumptions or suppositions, you would be having real time facts void of bias and influence and that way we would know how to respond to both our strong and weak spots around the state or local government.


This is your edge on a gold platter. Our facts and statistics/polling are pure, unbiased and strategic. We are going to be polling every sector of the state economy, every local government, every opposition strong hold, every analyzable would be analyzed so as to provide the much needed edge.

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