The CoachMe program

is a personal coaching program that effectively helps clients globally to build their confidence, to hone their communication skills and to also help with their presentation skills. Here are some of the testimonials from clients so far:

I was a below average presenter but Steven Haastrup made me into a very logical, precise and story telling presenter. I passed my promotion exam at my place of work and this is all thanks to the excellent practical teaching I got from the program. Virtually, they are excellent teachers.
Safiya Jijji
Deputy Director – NCC
Steven Haastrup has been a huge blessing to my ascendency in public service as I became bolder and effective at public speaking and communication. I became grounded and more established with my speaking style, I understood how to cut across better and today I feel better sustained in how to speak to any kind of audience.
Hajiya Binta Muazu
APC Member and Board Member, NYSC
My fear disappeared, StevenHaastrup made me recognize my significance and why I matter. They are masters at working on the mind as they broke my over 35 year’s mentality (panic attack) and today I am comfortable, casual and confident at speaking and presenting in the public.
Hajiya Aisha Larai Tukur
Former Commissioner, Police Service Commission
Fear had always held me back and I was also an ineffective speaker, I usually run away from presenting not until I needed it for my promotion exams. I needed to know how to come up with a good presentation within 1 hour and I needed to learn this in 3 months. Steven Haastrup trained me virtually, got me confident virtually, made me into a good speaker virtually and I can boldly say I passed with flying colours and today I enjoy presenting and speaking.
Amina Yusuf
Assistant Director – NCC
Steven Haastrup helped me become a very confident speaker and presenter. My presentation and composure suddenly felt not enough in my new place of work and I knew I needed help, I immediately went online, found the CoachMe program, enrolled and before we got half way, everyone at work began noticing some much improvement. It is a huge value for money.
Mr. Olusola Olubiyi
Head of Finance, Rand Merchant Bank
Steven Haastrup made me into an effective communicator. I was a good speaker but not always sure and bold about my ideas but Steven Haastrup made me into someone who can speak and make people listen. I am more effective and better confident. Steven Haastrup is who you call if you need to become more effective and constructive with your communication.
Oluwakemi Braimah
MD – Adna Hotel
I have always battled with my confidence for a while now. Steven Haastrup helped grow my confidence, brought my communication effectiveness to an enviable place of knowledge and precision and now my presentation skill is being built to an excellent place. Steven Haastrup did all this virtually. I am glad I contacted them.
Sharon Kajotini
In my company, we weren’t just getting results and then we got an advert from them (StevenHaastrup Consulting). We spoke to Steven Haastrup, who first helped with the directors and then the other staff. Today, our productivity plus management is on the increase, our communication and negotiation skills are top notch now. We have won more contracts and kept more clients too.
Engineer Isa Ahmed
CEO at Echo and Igah Engineering Consulting, Abuja

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