3 Mind-Tips to Improving your Body Language

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With my vast experience working with people in top positions of government, business and lifestyle, I have been privy to listen to their deepest insecurities and deficiencies and I can confidently say that an ‘unchecked, unfed and unbalanced mind’ is your greatest enemy to your confidence and authenticity.

In a nation as religious, cultural and superstitious like ours, we majorly tend to spray ‘belief’ on every of our deficiency; we are always in need of something or someone to blame and when we can’t find one, we transfer responsibility to the ‘holy God of man’.

Come to think of it, how many of us practically understand the influence of our minds on our lives? Any man who keeps his mind on autopilot ends up crashing on every mountain in his path (religious, cultural or even superstitious). A lot of people have asked me this question… ‘Coach, how do I improve my body language’, and my response is me simply taking them back to the basics ‘Improve and Guard your Mind’.

How do your mind and body relate? How do you improve your mind and in turn your body? To every reader, take your time to answer these 3 questions:

  1. When last did I have a talk with me?: We all love to talk to people, talk about people, talk about politics, talk about business, talk about entertainment, talk about cars etc. Working experience has shown me that a very large number of us fall short in terms of ‘engaging in sincere self-talks with ourselves’. We don’t meditate; we don’t have a mastery over the directions of our thoughts, instead our environment (friends, trends, news, buzz etc.) directs us. Having constant conversations with self helps you to identify the strength within you and weaknesses needed to be worked on – knowing these inspires daily confidence.


  1. The next is ‘How improving is your mind?’ A lot of us do what we do for reasons of tangibility. We want to only work on what we believe we can see and then we forget that we have a mind to make richer. The real questions here are: What have you been reading? What have you been hearing? Who have you been listening to? What influences what you believe? What are you doing about your weaknesses? Are you one of those covering up your weakness just to fit in? These many questions need to be sincerely meditated on to set you on the course of sustainably improving the state of your mind.


  1. Lastly, ‘Do I deserve this fantastic body language I crave for?’ Having answered the above questions, sincerely ask yourself if your body can actually portray quality when your mind is uncontrolled, unchecked, unfed and ill-balanced? The mind is what gives you the aura of authenticity and believability which can be appraised even with human instincts.

With these 3 questions, it becomes easy to improve your mind – All you need to do is for you to turn these questions around and make them your direct pathways to building your mind and in turn equipping yourself to ooze out an always authentic and believable body language. The actual fact is that your body language is beyond verbal communication because it is communication itself and if you care about the effectiveness of your communication, then you will work on improving your mind and in turn your body.

Do you know that your body language influences people’s perception of you? These perceptions might be right or even wrong. Meet me next week as I expertly dive into ‘How you can authentically tweak your body language for any scenario’

Have a great week ahead! Follow me for more communication tips @StevenHaastrup.

Your Communication Coach.



StevenHaastrup is branded ‘The Fixer’, He is a Communication Crisis Expert, an Image Management Consultant and a Public Speaking Coach.

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